1951- Colònia Güell
Santa Coloma de Cervelló

Art studies at Escola Massana, Escola d’Arts i Oficis Artístics, and at the ’Escola d’Arts del Llibre a Barcelona.

Around the 70’s, (from 20th century) i have published worked on both general information publications and humor and satirics publications, including illustrations concerning political and social aspects.

The newspaper Tele/exprés and the journals Serra d’Or, Oriflama, El Papus, Andalán, El Viejo Topo, Plaça Gran, El Drall, La Llufa etc.

I have collaborated in the creation of several pedagogic devoted to literacy teaching of adult people, using a ecologist and sindicalist nature.

Several posters for traditional celebrations and social movements.

I’ve written some books, (when such things were still a tradition):CLERICARIUM (1983), MANIOBRES(1985 at Editorial Hacer), and PETIT COSTUMARI, (1991, at Editorial El Llamp.

Even, a prize!: Best draw at Circulo de Lectores on 1996.

Around middle 80’s, ( from 20th century ) I extended my formats, objectives and concepts; I focus my activity in exhibitions. Therefore, more time and calm towards creation.

Some exhibitions:
  • In Barcelona, at “Teatre Lliure”, at “ La Rosa de Foc” several times. At “Racó de l’Art”, at the “Casal d’Horta”, at the “Cotxeres Borrell” sponsored by ’Ajuntament de Barcelona.
  • At the gallery “Cidi Hiaya”, in the city of Granada, some consecutive years.
  • Collective exhibition at Leipzig during the year when the wall felt!
  • At “Café del Sindicat” in Serinyà, at “Mirallet” in Granollers. Exhibition in Madrid, at the Atocha train station,
  • At “Can Massallera”, in Sant Boi de Llobregat, also sponsored by the City Hall, at the Festa Modernista” (modernist party); in la Colònia Güell, and the last at the gallery “Lescribe-Brigitte Grifault” in Montauban, France.

And here we are, still working on it “.